IGWC launch new website and brand at Showcase 2024

Wednesday 18th January 2024

Irish Grown Wool Council (IGWC) will launch its new brand and website plus feature a series of curated panel talks on Irish wool at Showcase Ireland

The Irish Grown Wool Council is continuing its year-long education and outreach activities at Showcase Ireland 21st to 23rd January 2024. IGWC invites interested stakeholders to attend the series of curated panel talks for a lively discussion on Irish wool where a mix of industry experts and wool related businesses will share their knowledge and discuss the past, present and future of Irish Wool. IGWC wool panel talks are supported by the Design & Crafts Council, Ireland. IGWC will also officially launch its new brand and website www.irishgrownwoolcouncil.com to connect national and international stakeholders. 

The Irish Grown Wool Council is a voluntary body with an all island approach. Its purpose is to promote an Irish grown wool brand both domestically and internationally.TheIGWC vision is to “Bring wool stakeholders from across the island of Ireland together to realise the potential of Irish grown wool as a natural, sustainable and versatile material. Building on a rich heritage to enhance the understanding and appreciation of the characteristics of Irish wool, improving the quality and sustainability of Irish grown wool and to facilitate collaboration in product and market research to ultimately apply innovative product solutions.” 

The IGWC was established in April 2023 on the recommendations of a Department of Agriculture Food & Marine (DAFM) sponsored research study on Future Market Opportunities for Irish Wool. IGWC is supported by a virtual Wool Research & Innovation Hub (“Wool Hub”), hosted by the MTU Circular Bio Cluster Southwest, where researchers from institutions across the Island of Ireland collaborate on sustainable processes and products incorporating Irish Wool.

IGWC will be exploring the past glories, present challenges and future opportunities for Irish grown wool in a series of engaging panel talks, highlighting wool as a sustainable, versatile and viable material at the Showcase Ireland three day trade event. Irish Grown Wool Panellists include a range of Irish wool businesses and researchers from the island of Ireland, plus Ngaire Takano; Belgium based international wool scourer innovator and Claire McGovern; Creative Director of Rhyme Studio based in New York and exhibiting at Showcase 2024.  

Commenting on the upcoming event Chairman of the IGWC, Pat Byrne, said
Showcase Ireland is a key platform nationally and internationally at which to profile IGWC ambitions and the potential for Irish grown wool, thanks to the support of the Design & Crafts Council, Ireland.  Along with the supporting Wool Research & Innovation Hub, IGWC is communicating its vision, plans and substantial work in progress to revitalise the Irish farmed wool sector, to both domestic and international buyers at Showcase Ireland. Our new website www.irishgrownwoolcouncil.com is a connection point for interested wool stakeholders with our recently formed Irish Grown Wool Council. IGWC aspires to achieve and exceed the past glories and economic significance of Irish wool to the Irish economy with a clear focus on achieving important socio-economic impacts for primary producer farmers and their local communities in economically challenged rural areas, across the whole island of Ireland.”

Irish Grown Wool panel talks will take place on the Inspiration Stage on consecutive days Monday 21st – Tuesday 23rd January covering the key themes of Sustainability, Fashion & Interiors, and Innovation.

IGWC’s website includes the full list of panel speakers and times daily www.irishgrownwoolcouncil.com 

Those interested in attending talks on the day will need to register directly with Showcase. Registration is free.


Notes to Editors: 
The Irish Grown Wool Council brand, launched at Showcase Ireland features four interconnected wool fibre hearts. They represent an all-island approach across the four provinces and the shared passion for developing the future of Irish grown wool together.

Irish Grown Wool Council contact: 

Website: www.irishgrownwoolcouncil.com 

Email: hello@irishgrownwoolcouncil.com 

Contact: PRO Deborah Evers irishgrownwoolcouncil@gmail.com Tel: (+353) 086 8276220


Irish Grown Wool Panels at Showcase 2024:

Day: Sunday 21st January:
Time: 4pm- 5pm
Theme: Sustainability

Wool Chronicles: Heritage & Horizon
Hear a mix of national and international wool related businesses and researchers share their knowledge and experiences of Irish wool’s heritage, present market conditions and where they see the potential for Irish grown wool. Join us as we navigate the sustainability, traceability and viability of Irish grown wool.

Moderated by Rebecca Marsden,
Designer, Materials Researcher & Educator The Wool Hub and Forge Design Factory

Day: Monday 22nd January:
Time: 12pm- 1pm
Theme: Fashion & Interiors

Monday: Wool Yarns; From Ewe to SKU
Join seasoned stalwarts and new entrants working with Irish grown wool across fashion, design and homewares. Listen to their stories entwine as they discuss the possibilities by exploring past glories, present challenges and future commercial opportunities for Irish grown wool.


Day: Tuesday 23rd January
Time: 11am- 12pm
Theme: Innovation

Wool Wonders: Different Strands of Innovation
Get a glimpse into the world of wool transformation. Join our panel of national and international designers and researchers as they unravel sustainable supply chains, fashion forward design and advances in the circular bio-economy for product development. Sharing the progress of Irish grown wool from field to new frontiers. 


Moderated by Rebecca Marsden
Designer, Materials Researcher & Educator The Wool Hub and Forge Design Factory

You will need to register to attend Showcase as a visitor to gain entry on the day.

Website: www.irishgrownwoolcouncil.com

Socials: Follow IGWC on these social media accounts: 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/irish-grown-wool-council/



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About Irish Grown Wool Council (IGWC)

The Irish Grown Wool Council is a voluntary body with an all island approach. Its purpose is to promote an Irish grown wool brand both domestically and internationally. IGWC is creating, developing and overseeing structures designed to bring disparate groups together for collaboration, innovation and scaling activities to advance the standard and develop markets for Irish grown wool.

IGWC Vision:

  • Bringing wool stakeholders across the island of Ireland to realise the potential of wool as a natural, sustainable and versatile material.
  • Building on wool’s rich heritage to enhance understanding and appreciation of the characteristics of Irish ‘grown’ wool.
  • Facilitating collaboration in product / market research and ultimately applying innovative product solutions to address current challenges and create future opportunities.

    IGWC Aims:
  • Establish an All-Island Irish “Grown” Wool Council to promote the brand
  • Collaborate with a Wool Research Innovation Hub for innovation with wool
  • Run school and public programmes on the attributes of Irish Grown Wool to address the dearth of data available on Irish Grown Wool
  • Develop an Irish Grown Wool standard and ensure traceability from farm to needle regardless of where scoured
  • Support regionally based primary producer owned Wool Co-Ops
  • Seek contract wool grading and logistics arrangements to facilitate a regionally based wool industry feeding a national promotional, sales and marketing operation
  • Encourage Better Awareness and Training on Wool Handling and Presentation. Re-instate traditional wool handling and presentation standards training programmes for primary producers, shearers, merchants and graders

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