Irish Grown Wool


Irish Grown Wool Council

Our Vision:

  • Bringing wool stakeholders across the island of Ireland to realise the potential of wool as a natural, sustainable and versatile material.
  • Building on wool’s rich heritage to enhance understanding and appreciation of the characteristics of Irish ‘grown’ wool.
  • Facilitating collaboration in product / market research and ultimately applying innovative product solutions to address current challenges and create future opportunities.

Our Aims:

  • Establish an All-Island Irish “Grown” Wool Council to promote the brand
  • Collaborate with a Wool Research Innovation Hub for innovation with wool
  • Run school and public programmes on the attributes of Irish Grown Wool to address the dearth of data available on Irish Grown Wool
  • Develop an Irish Grown Wool standard and ensure traceability from farm to needle regardless of where scoured
  • Support regionally based primary producer owned Wool Co-ops
  • Seek contract wool grading and logistics arrangements to facilitate a regionally based wool industry feeding a national promotional, sales and marketing operation
  • Encourage better awareness and training on wool handling and presentation. Re-instate traditional wool handling and presentation standards training programmes for primary producers, shearers, merchants and graders

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