Yarn Vibes organic wool is 100% Irish. They source their wool from IGWC member Fergal Byrne, a 9th generation sheep farmer in County Kildare.

Irish Grown Wool Council

The Irish Grown Wool Council is a voluntary body with an all island approach. Our purpose is to promote an Irish grown wool brand both domestically and internationally.


Developing the potential for Irish grown wool

We are creating, developing and overseeing structures designed to bring disparate groups together for collaboration, innovation and scaling activities. Together we will advance the standard and develop markets for Irish grown wool.


Research & Innovation


About us

The 28 members from the Island of Ireland, represent all those with a keen interest in the wool sector. All members are involved in specialist groups to progress developments in a number of key areas.


  • Bringing wool stakeholders across the island of Ireland to realise the potential of wool as a natural, sustainable and versatile material.
  • Building on wool’s rich heritage to enhance understanding and appreciation of the characteristics of Irish ‘grown’ wool.
  • Facilitating collaboration in product / market research and ultimately applying innovative product solutions to address current challenges and create future opportunities.

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